Welcome to the weekly meeting update using WhiteBoards:Please share text, images, video, audio, and more. Best to drag/drop content onto the board or double clickEach month has 4 or 5 weeks ending on Sunday. Below, there is 1 board for each week.It is also possible to leave an audio phone message update at 1-518-309-8588
Week1 Sunday Meeting: Jan/09, Feb/06, Mar/06, Apr/03, May/01, Jun/05, Jul/03, Aug/07, Sep/04, Oct/02, Nov/06, Dec/04 (ISO weeks)

Week2 Sunday Meeting: Jan/16, Feb/13, Mar/13, Apr/10, May/08, Jun/12, Jul/10, Aug/14, Sep/11, Oct/09, Nov/13, Dec/11 (ISO weeks)

Week3 Sunday Meeting: Jan/23, Feb/20, Mar/20, Apr/17, May/15, Jun/19, Jul/17, Aug/21, Sep/18, Oct/16, Nov/20, Dec/18 (ISO weeks)

Week4 Sunday Meeting: Jan/30, Feb/27, Mar/27, Apr/24, May/22, Jun/26, Jul/24, Aug/28, Sep/25, Oct/23, Nov/27, Dec/25 (ISO weeks)

Week5 Sunday Meeting: May/29, Jul/31, Oct/30, Dec/31(ish) (ISO weeks)

Please Share A Weekly Voice Update @ 518-309-8588

Dear Members... We are now testing a weekly member update where each member calls in by Sunday and leaves a phone voicemail sharing anything interesting this week or ideas you would like to share with other members (like Happy Dollars :-). These voicemail messages will be combined into a short weekly video update to share for everyone to feel more connected. All new things start out a little messy but it should improve communication and sense of community with only a phone call.

Please start calling in now and leaving messages @ 518-309-8588

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