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Members Serving Communities - Jaimen' McMillan Posted by Jaimen McMillan on Jul 13, 2018

How EClub Members Serve Our Communities

Each summer, Jaimen and Spacial Dynamics holds this unique program Cirque - Eze for middle school youth.. Read more about it at

This amazing group of circus youth fell in love with, well, falling!

This play-ground for 11 to 16-year-olds taught life-long lessons on the grace of gravity and the laughter of levity!

Juggling Balls, Scarves, Diabolos, Stilts, Tight Wires, Climbing Fabric, Spinning plates, and Unicycles! Group Skits, Mime, and Camp-Fires forged friendships of s life-time!


Healing Little Hearts

Our mission is to provide hope to children with heart disease from developing countries, regardless of their gender, creed, or national origin, by supporting autonomous Gift of Life programs in an effort to care for these children in need and to coordinate the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery, catheterization and aftercare programs in select countries through the empowerment of local healthcare professionals.

Rotary Support

Gift of Life is a Rotarian-based nonprofit organization which consists of 80 autonomous Gift of Life programs in 79 countries across five continents.

Thanks to the participation of 241 Rotary Clubs and 52 Rotary Districts around the world, Rotary Global Grants have become a major funding source for Gift of Life International and its affiliated programs. Through this partnership with Rotary, we are able to maximize our impact in providing care to children in need. Since 2013, more than $7.1 million in Rotary Grants have helped to heal little hearts around the world.


A Smile Can Change You

Posted by Nicolas Silva

It's Youth Services month and this story about Rotaract demonstrates the work of this organization of younger Rotarians. This high energy club in Argentina worked together to make a difference in people's lives. Their experiences, told in the story below,


Friends Helping Friends

This is a story about friendship, possibilities, imagination and how collaboration might change the world. It's a story where the disabled and abled community comes together.

After you watch the video, please click on this link to read about the rest of the story.


Hen Power

Hen Power

A thought-provoking look at a therapy designed to help alleviate loneliness and depression. This idea has spread throughout England and Wales and all the way to Australia.

What do you think? Comment on our June Wall please.


Schools Everywhere

When I first saw these photos and read how the children of this Tibetan Children's Village school in India gathered to welcome visitors I realized that children everywhere and yes, perhaps schools most places welcome visitors in similar ways - flags, gifts, happy faces, lots of pictures, assemblies.

So among our differences we can celebrate similarities as well. Thanks to EClub member, Phuntsok Namygal, Data Administrator of the school, for these lovely photos and our story of the week.


TCV Welcomes US Congressional representative Lleana Rose Lehtinen and Rep. Claudia Tenney along with her team today in the afternoon. We are very happy to have them in the midst of our very innocent and loving children welcoming them with flags held high as they possibly can reach.

The Truth of Rotary

A Note from Pep - This letter from our District Governor resonated with me because I also believe that Rotary is something you must experience, an emotional connection. For me it was a little 3rd grade girl who kissed the dictionary I gave her. That was my Rotary 'aha' moment. I carry that picture in my heart.

For others it's the drop of polio vaccine or seeing a family take their first drink of clean water or watching a child put on a new warm winter coat. For others it's traveling to assist communities to build computer labs, or pioneering conservation projects and community development and for others it's moving us towards peace.

Having just inducted two new members into our Rotary family I also feel responsible for helping them find the Truth of Rotary to enrich their lives.

Have YOU had an 'aha' Rotary moment? Please share it on our November wall.


New Opportunities for Service

Rotary International announces new partners. Does this expand our options for Service?


Welcome to our Rotarian Visitors

Welcome to our Rotarian Visitors from Around the World!

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